The main question you are asking is this: “Jordan, can you help me quickly overcome Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder, General Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Existential Fears, Irrational Fears, and Phobias? The answer is yes. Are you done seeking help from people who have only read about what you’re going through in a text book? Are you ready to get coached by someone that has been exactly where you are and overcame it? Are you ready to have someone tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear? Are you ready to start to think, talk, and act as the powerful person you are? Then send an email to theanxietyninja@gmail.com and let’s do this! I only do two hour sessions because I want to really dive deep into your situation and get you on the road to victory. We can do Skype video or Skype audio. My coaching fee is currently $200 but may increase if the demand keeps rising as it is. If you’re a student or military I will give a discount.

Maybe you’re experiencing things like coaching client named Phil that I coached recently did.

His girlfriend had left him due to struggling with Depersonalization and Derealization, anxiety, and panic attacks. He then lost his job, and was then evicted from his apartment because he couldn’t afford his bills anymore. He was forced to move back in with his parents and he felt like a failure. Most of his day was spent focusing on his past mistakes, and his present pain. He felt hopeless toward the future and after going to several therapy sessions and even trying medication, nothing seemed to help. He was hesitant to pay for coaching from me because he had already tried so many ways to overcome his struggles. Within twenty minutes I could already see Phil’s body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions begin to shift. Once I showed him that actually problem that was driving his negative experiences, he started to see that recovery was more simple than he ever thought. By the end of the conversation, Phil was confident, focused, driven, and knew exactly what to do in order to get out of his situation.

Or, maybe you’re experiencing things like a coaching client named Dan that I coached recently did. 

Dan had spent over ten years in isolation, afraid to leave his parents house due to feeling so Depersonalization and Derealized, anxious, panic-driven, and having many phobias including social anxiety and the fear of going outside. Dan feared that he would remain in his present state forever, and had started to believe he had incurred brain damage. In addition, he was constantly stuck in his head and obsessively self monitoring. He also had severe existential fears that he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about. This led to insomnia and he had not had a good nights sleep in years. He was so stressed out that he even cancelled our coaching initially because he was so discouraged and hopeless that he didn’t think anyone could help. During the coaching, he began talking about all his fears, all his negative emotions and experiences, and all the negative ways these things had impacted his life. I listened with compassion, but after about fifteen minutes I gently interrupted and told him the truth. Focusing on all of these negative things would only increase his anxious and overwhelmed state, and was a big part of the problem. I then showed him what was actually driving all of his negative experiences and I could see his face light up with excitement and also a look of surprise. Within a few minutes we were laughing and it seemed like I was talking to a different person than when we first started the call. I could see hope in his eyes, and it filled me with great joy. At the end of the call, Dan was excited to finally leave his house, and apply the directions I gave him.

Like Phil, Dan had tried several mental health professionals but none were able to produce the results he wanted, until he spoke with me. Why? Because I am not looking to spend months or years keeping you coming back for more coaching so we can talk about all of your problems. I am looking to totally get your life back on track as quickly as possible in one, possibly two coaching sessions but even that’s rare that it would take two sessions. I care about you, and I am going to give you all my best advice and empower you to recover on your own. To be honest, you don’t need me to overcome what you’re are struggling with. Thus the goal of coaching is me showing you why you’re powerful enough to overcome the struggles you face yourself. 

I am not a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a counselor. This is not therapy. Nothing in these coaching sessions should ever replace the advice of or a consultation with a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. I also can neither prescribe medication or give you any instruction related to medication.