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How I Got


Derealization Disorder 

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“I bought your course last week and today I’ve had the biggest push in recovery where DPDR completely goes away. Can’t wait to eradicate this forever. Thank you man, you are saving my life!”

-January, 2019


“Been using your techniques for just a week after having DPDR on and off for 13 years I’m finally feeling relief! I feel like a new man and it’s only been a week!”

-September, 2018


What is Depersonalization?

Depersonalization is a feeling of detachment from the body. It feels as if we and our body are a separate entity. You may have heard of an “out of body experience”. Depersonalization feels as if we’re on the verge of an out of body experience, yet it never actually happens. Also, you may feel a sense of detachment when looking in the mirror. You may feel like your looking at a complete stranger and like you’ve lost any sense of personality and emotional connection. Also, friends and family may suddenly feel like strangers, and people in general may look robotic. In addition, you may feel emotionally numb and numb to pain. While these feelings are quite disturbing and uncomfortable, they are nothing to be afraid of and believe it or not, they are actually there to help us!

What is Derealization?

Derealization is a feeling of detachment from the material world. It’s often described as if someone is living in a dream world and nothing feels real. The best example of this would be when Michael Jordan gets taken into Loony Toon Land on the movie “Space Jam”. To someone experiencing Derealization, everything feels like it’s a cartoon. Because of that, they often spend a large amount of their time meditating on existential questions. Just like with Depersonalization, Derealization is 100% reversable with the right understanding and strategy. 

What is dpdr disorder?

“DPDR” is short for Depersonalization & Derealization. The “Disorder” means that someone feels either one of these feelings or both of them together for one month or more. You are not alone even though you may feel that way. 2% of the world’s population is currently experiencing DPDR disorder. Also, half of all people will experience DPDR during a traumatic state such as during a car accident. These feelings are uncomfortable, but they are perfectly safe and not dangerous. Let me know show what’s causing these feelings and I promise you with a little time, effort, and patience, your life will be back to exactly as it was before. But not only that, you will find a new sense of identify, purpose, and fulfillment in life once you have overcame this disorder. I know that because that’s what happened with me after having this disorder for over two years. 




How I Got

DPDR Disorder

What are the ten pillars of dpdr recovery?


Pillar one:

PIllar One: Calm

Right out of the gate, I want to show you how to virtually eliminate most stressors from your life and drastically reduce your stressful state quickly. In order to have the energy, will-power, and motivation to complete DPDR disorder recovery, it requires us to learn how to self-regulate, which means the ability to make ourselves calm despite being subjected to various stressors. In this pillar, I will show you how to remain calm in virtually any situation by addressing the root of what’s driving your anxious thoughts, negative emotions, and anxious behaviors! This pillar is the foundation for your entire recovery and you will walk away feeling empowered and able to reign in life. 


Pillar two: re-envison 

Without establishing a vision for your life, it will be difficult to find the momentum needed to keep pressing on when recovery gets tough. Nothing will motivate you to recover more than knowing what’s on the other side of recovery. In this pillar, I show you how to quickly establish a vision for your life and also heal from un-forgiveness and other things keeping you stuck in the past. 


Pillar Three: Dismantle

It’s time to dismantle fear from DPDR once and for all. Nothing will keep you from overcoming DPDR disorder more than having fear-based beliefs about the feelings. In this pillar, I show you on a scientific and also practical level why DPDR are perfectly safe and there to help you. The truth is about these feelings is so simple you may laugh. We need to get you out of fear because that will only serve to keep you overwhelmed thus causing DPDR to remain active. 

Pillar four: redefine 

It’s time for a radical overhaul of any negative mindsets or self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself. These things will keep you overwhelmed and feeling helpless and hopeless. After this pillar, you will walk away full of confidence and encouragement for your recovery. 

Pillar five:


In order to overcome DPDR disorder, we need to allow ourselves to move out of what’s known as the “freeze” response. This response from our nervous system is what’s making us feel so disconnected and ungrounded. In this pillar, I share powerful techniques designed to make you feel grounded, as well as comfortable moving with the energy you feel instead of against it. 

Pillar six: disengage

Because DPDR Disorder is so scary, sometimes we develop all kinds of behaviors related to the feelings that only serve to keep us overwhelmed. I’m going to show what we need to disengage from to ensure we’re not pilling up more DPDR-related stressors in our life. 


Pillar seven: anxiety

Experiencing DPDR is tough enough, but when we also combine that with feeling anxiety, it quickly becomes an unbearable state to be in. In this pillar, I share with you what anxiety is at the core, and how to quickly dismantle it from your life. Anxiety must be addressed because it’s often one of major factors contributing to our overwhelmed state thus keeping DPDR around. 


Pillar eight: process

Over time, emotional baggage can sometimes add up if we don’t process it correctly the first time. In this pillar, I share a powerful technique that will allow you to process any unprocessed emotional trauma without having to get into the intricate details of your past. Can’t remember some of your past unprocessed emotional traumas? No problem. What’s most important is that we process any unprocessed emotional trauma that we are cognitively aware of that effects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The quicker we can process any active emotional trauma that we are aware of, the quicker we can reduce our overwhelmed state and move toward complete recovery of DPDR disorder. 


Pillar nine: discharge 

When we enter fight or flight response (which is when our mind and body prepare us to fight or flee from a perceived threat), there is a building charge of energy that is designed to help up fight or flee from danger. If the charge of energy is large enough, the body needs to tremble and shake in order to discharge it. If we suppress this tremor response out of fear, it can mean that this energy gets trapped inside our body and may manifest in the form of tension in areas of the body including the neck, arms, legs, and back. It also may mean when we get stressed even a little bit, we feel our entire body get full of stress and energy quicker than normal. In this pillar, I teach you a set of powerful exercises that will discharge any and all fight or flight energy stored in your body, regardless of when it arrived! Many of you will start to experience relief from tension in your body for the first time in years after doing these exercises just as I did. 


Pillar ten: prevent  

The first nine pillars are designed to identify the biggest stressors related to DPDR Disorder and help you quickly cope with or process those stressors. The ninth pillar is all about teaching you how to take inventory of your own life and discover any remaining stressors that may be contributing to an overwhelmed state. Also in this pillar I will teach you how to adjust your life to ensure that DPDR disorder never comes back again. I am not content with you experiencing even a few years without DPDR disorder, I want to show you how to keep these annoying feelings from ever happening again by “DPDR-Proofing” your life. 

What People Are Saying

About The Anxiety Ninja

What People Are Saying About The Ten Pillars of DPDR Recovery 

“Done With DPD e-course can get you back feeling life and reality again! It touches on all points and gives you the motivation you need! It’s fantastic!” -August, 2018


Big thanks, my name is Alison, I live in Melbourne Australia. I have had dpdr on and off for 25 years. I’m 47 and fit , happily married with 3 kids . This is the first time I have finally found someone who can help ! I’ve completed the course and now doing the exercises . I know I will shake this in the future because of the stuff in your course . Big Thanks again.
-December, 2018


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